Library Board

The Library Board of the Hennessey Public Library meets the second Monday of the month (unless otherwise noted) at 4:30 PM in the Library’s Brick Cafe. The agenda for each month is posted at the Library and on the website as a PDF download at least 72 hours prior to each meeting.

Current Board Members

  • Ann Taylor – President
  • Karla Van Gee – Secretary
  • Karen Vogt
  • Ginger Cox
  • Leonor Ortega

Agendas for 2022

Agendas for 2021

Agendas for 2020

Agendas for 2019

Agenda Schedule

The Hennessey Library Board will meet [date] 4:30 PM at the Library’s Brick Cafe.

  • Reading of Minutes 
  • Library Reports
    • Financial
    • Library
  • Other Reports
  • Recommendations
  • Accept/Reject Resignations
  • Citizen’s Comments
  • Other Matters Unforeseen

This notice was posted at the Library on [date] at [time] by Lyndsey Kopsa, Interim Library Director.

How Do I Make a Proposal to the Board?

Items for consideration may be added to the agenda until time of posting at the Library. Contact the Library Director at 405-853-2073 or email to add items. The public is always welcome to attend and speak during the period set aside for Citizen’s Comments.