Teen Volunteerism

The Hennessey Public Library provides a variety of volunteer opportunities for youth (ages 9 and older). We will keep a log of the hours each tween/teen works and provide letters to promote the academic and professional endeavors of HPL volunteers upon request. Youth will have an opportunity to develop new skills and perform a vital service to the community. Graduating seniors with 150 hours of volunteer service at the Library also are eligible to receive the Helen Cline Academic Scholarship.


Youth interested in volunteering at the Library must complete an volunteer application (PDF download) and return it to the Library Director for consideration. All potential volunteers should review the Library’s Volunteerism Policy prior to completing their application.


The Friends of the Hennessey Library gives the Helen Cline Academic Scholarship to a deserving student volunteer at the Hennessey Public Library.


The Helen Cline Academic Scholarship was established in February 2012 in honor of long-time Library supporter and Friends of the Hennessey Library founder Helen Cline. An educator and a library professional, Ms. Cline represented the standard of service and leadership by which student volunteers should want to follow.

The scholarship is partially funded by the family of Helen Cline as well as private donations. Originally the scholarship was $250 per student, but following Ms. Cline’s death in October 2019, many people donated to FOL in lieu of flowers, and the FOL voted in February 2020 to raise the scholarship to $500 per student.


Potential scholarship recipients must meet the following criteria to be eligible to receive the Helen Cline Academic Scholarship:

  1. Must be a graduating senior who attends school within 30 miles of the Hennessey Public Library, whether it be Hennessey High School, Dover High School, or homeschooled. GED applicants may be considered at the discretion of FOL and HPL Library Director.
  2. Must be an active youth volunteer at the Hennessey Public Library who has served a minimum of 150 hours total. Hours can be accumulated over several years or during the student’s senior year.
  3. Must be enrolling in an accredited college, university, or vocational program that fall.
  4. Must write a one-page double spaced essay on how being a youth volunteer at the Hennessey Public Library has impacted him/her or helped prepare the student for his/her future career.

Completed applications must be typed or printed clearly and submitted to the Hennessey Public Library’s Library Director for verification he/she has been an active youth volunteer at the library. Eligible applications will then be referred to the Friends of the Hennessey Library for review.

Scholarship applications (PDF download) are due no later than April 1—preferably by February 1—of the year the student is graduating from high school. FOL will award the scholarship to one recipient (provided there are eligible applicants) at the May general membership meeting that year.

This $500 scholarship is to be used toward any college or vo-tech expenses. The recipient must show proof of enrollment to FOL after accepting the award in order to receive the check.


2013—Eli Vaverka (Northern Oklahoma College) and Danielle Vogt (Oklahoma State University)

2016—Kalie Choate (Southwestern Oklahoma State University)

2020—Mercedes Beebe (Autry Technology Center)

2022—Rachel Miller (Oklahoma State University Oklahoma City) and Ashland Crites (Northwestern Oklahoma State University)