The Library Board reserves the right of the Library Director to modify policies to better serve Library patrons and the Hennessey community.

All matters of this policy are also subject to the approval of the Town Council of the Town of Hennessey.

Individuals or groups wishing to request a waiver of any of the terms of Library policies may apply first to the Library Board in regular meeting and, if not satisfied, to the Town Council in regular meeting. The request must be placed on the agenda of either meeting no less than 72 hours before the scheduled time of the meeting.

Laws affecting Oklahoma libraries.

Acceptable Forms of Payment and Collecting Fees

The Library may charge a fee or recover costs for such items as the replacement of lost library cards, overdue materials, damaged or lost items, photocopies, faxes, and more. As no card holder with charges exceeding $5.00 in value is able to use their library card, the library offers several methods of payment to facilitate the convenience of paying fees and the reinstatement of privileges.


The Library accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
    • When paying with cash, please use correct change or small bills, no greater than $20.
  • Check
    • For paying Library-related fees and fines and monetary donations, checks should be written to the Hennessey Public Library for the exact amount of the transaction. Payments by check returned for reason of Non-Sufficient Funds will result in an additional charge of $15 per check to cover the library’s bank and processing fees.
    • For FOL Booksale or monetary donations to the Friends of the Library, checks may be written to the Friends of the Hennessey Library for the exact amount of the transaction or desired amount.
  • Credit/Debit Card
    • Payment by credit will be accepted for bills that exceed $5.
    • The Library is unable to accept online payments with credit/debit at this time.


  • Payment for library services must be paid in full at checkout.
  • Payment for library-related fines, such as late or replacement fees, may be paid in full or in small installments. Account access will remain blocked until the overall fine is reduced below $5.
  • Patrons experiencing financial difficulty should discuss payment options with the library director if they have a pressing need to use library services before they can reduce the charges to less than $5.
  • Payments posted in person are immediately recorded to the patron’s account and account information is updated in live time. An exception to this rule may occur when there are technical difficulties preventing the software from processing properly.
  • Credit card information is never stored in the library’s database and information use encryption to secure each transaction.


All payments are final and no refunds will be processed.

Adopted 7-11-2022
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