Paws n’ Claws: Summer’s End

Ms. Jennie and Ms. Lyndsey would like to thank the community for participating in the 2021 Summer Reading Program!

Volunteer’s of the Summer

In collaboration with the Friends of the Hennessey Library and the Helen Cline Scholarship, the Library offers volunteer opportunities to Hennessey youths (ages 13-18) in the pursuit of a $500 academic scholarship. Our volunteers often assist staff with Summer programs by supervising, interacting with children, and providing assistance to staff. Other volunteer activities may include non-program related tasks, such as shelving, circulation, and assisting in staff projects.

This summer we would like to acknowledge five teen volunteers, two of which who will soon be eligible for the Helen Cline scholarship.

  • Ashland Crites volunteered 11 hours this summer, primarily assisting staff with children’s programs.
  • Sammy Sosa volunteered 7 hours this summer, also assisting staff with children’s programs.
  • Samir Sosa volunteered 7 hours this summer assisting staff at the front desk with preparations for future programs.
  • Michael Pacula volunteered 2 hours this summer assisting with children’s programs.
  • Rachel Miller volunteered 2 hours this summer, aiding staff at the circulation counter and preparations for the End of Summer Pizza Party.

Summer Achievements

While many of the in-house activities can be fun and lighthearted, our main objective is to educate and encourage children to continue reading throughout the summer. Furthermore, our goal is to encourage the Hennessey and surrounding community to be life-long learners and engage with books and information throughout their lives — be it recreational or for academic purposes. As such, we would like to recognize the achievements of our Summer participants.

Most Active Summer Participant
This award is presented to participants who attended and engaged with as many programs as possible.

  • 1st Place: Martin Robinson
  • 2nd Place: Elizabeth Robinson and Tony Valles
  • 3rd Place: Stephanie and Dahlia Valles

Most Number of Books Read
This award is presented to participants who read the most number of books through June and July.

  • 1st Place: Benny Letchenberg
  • 2nd Place: Dahlia Valles
  • 3rd Place: Stephanie Valles

Most Time Spent Reading
This award is presented to participants who spent the most time reading through June and July

  • 1st Place: Stephanie Valles
  • 2nd Place: Martin Robinson
  • 3rd Place: Dahlia Valles

Best Parent/Child Partnership
This award is to acknowledge our younger readers who are engaging in books with their parents and older siblings throughout June and July.

  • 1st Place: Lauren and Ginger Cox
  • 2nd Place: Hannah, Henly, and Katlyn Weaver
  • 3rd Place: Giovanni and Maribel Valles

Adult Readers

We would like to acknowledge our adult participants in the 2021 Summer Reading program. While we do not currently incorporate Adult-focused programming in our Summers, we strive to encourage adult readership in the community and would like to recognize two of our adult participants.

Jennifer Ullery, a fellow librarian in Hennessey, read 22 titles in June and July. Jennifer is always an enthusiastic participant and supporter of the library.

Maribel Valles, community member and mother of some of our most active participants, read 15 titles in June and July, on top of reading with her young children.